You can configure your public services to share with your all subscribers by reflecting their current status on your public status page or you can also configure your internal services to share with only your internal team.

To create a new service:

1. Select "Services" from the left menu. Then, if you do not have any service record before, click the "Create Service" button in the middle of the screen. If you have previous services, click the "Add New Service" button in the upper left corner.

2. Enter your service name and give a helpful description of what this service does.

3. If you wish, you can group your services related to each other under a main service title.

4. You can hide or display the historical uptime graph representative view of your services on the public status page at any time.

5. If you want to define a service that only your internal team can follow, please click the internal option.

6. If you don't select your service as enable, this service info will be invisible in all parts of your status page for your subscribers like in details of current & past incidents, notice of scheduled maintenances and uptime graphs.

7. Then, click the "Add Service" button.

When you select the affected service while creating an incident, we automatically calculate the service uptime taking into account your past incidents and display it on your public status page.

In addition, StatusEntry offers your subscribers your service uptimes in 5 different time options (1-3-6 months, 1 year or All time) on your Public Status Page.

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