What is "Status Embed Badge Widget" and why we offer you to use it?

As you know, it is very important to be transparent and fast in communication with your own customers in case of any incident and service outage. Therefore, as StatusEntry, we have developed embed badge widgets to make your incident management more various.

You can share these widgets directly on your website or app. In this way, your audiences are sure to easily receive the information about your latest situation of your service/app they need.

Let's take a look at what status embed widget would look like on your website

As you can see in the image below, you can easily show the latest status of your system to your audience on your website. Widget has hover feature: When you hover over it with the mouse, the latest status is displayed automatically. In addition to this, when clicked, it immediately redirects your audience to your public status page in a new tab.

Below you can see the embed status badge sample that we put on our site.

Preview of your widget

We have designed the widgets in 4 colors. If it is green it means there is no problem, everything is fine. Orange is the minor outage; red means major outage. Lastly, the blue color means maintenance schedule.

Also, when your audience hover the mouse cursor over your status badge, the text indicating your last status is automatically displayed.

Green -> All Systems Operational

Orange -> Minor Outage

Red -> Major Outage

Blue -> Under Maintenance

Configure your Status Badge Embed

You can make all configuration settings from the “Badge” section on the left menu. In order to add status badge to your website, you need to add 2 different code blogs below.

Copy and paste the code below where you want the badge to appear on your website, for example your footer, header or any other visible place.

You can customize the badge with css and “Status” title below.

<a class="statusentry-status" 

2- Let’s embed your status badge in your website

With the code block below, you can view your embed status badge widget indicating your latest status right next to the status page link you have added to your site above. (targets.statusentry-status)

Copy and paste the following code snippet into your website, right before the body tag.

The "customer-id" we shared with you in the ‘Badge section’ is unique to you and there is also no need to customize the code block below.

    (function() {
      s = document.createElement("script"); 
      s.src = ""; 
      s.async = 1;

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