Public Status Page Customization

Since branding is important for companies, we enable customization on the product. You can customize in the product under the "Customize" section.

You can change following customization components on your status page.

  • Logo

Add your brand logo image to be displayed on your Public Status Page.

Use a square image of not more than 3Mb, at least 60x60px resolution.

  • Favicon

Set your visual icon to be displayed at the beginning of your tab in the web browser.

Use a 32x32 .ico

  • Header Logo Text

Your-company-name is displayed on your public status page next to the logo and in all relevant places.

  • Website URL

To link to your site from your public status page.

  • Twitter Address

Your company Twitter address.

  • LinkedIn Address

Your company LinkedIn address.

  • Support Email

Your company support email ""

  • Description

The explanations you make here will be displayed on your public status page.

  • Disable StatusEntry watermark

If you click this option, the "Powered by" watermark in the public status page is removed.

  • Time Filters

On the public status page, decide how much time to show historical uptime graphs and past incident records.

Select available time filters in public status page: 1-3-6 month, 1 year and All Time

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