When there is a problem with your product or service that you would like to communicate with your users, you can create incidents.

To create a new incident:

  1. Select "Incidents" from the left menu. Then, if you do not have an open incident record before, click the "Create Incident" button in the middle of the screen. If you have previous incident records, click the "Create New Incident" button in the upper left corner.

  2. You can manage all the details about the incident you will create on the following page.

  3. After entering the detailed information, click the "Create Incident" button.

Incident settings consist of the following key components:

Incident Impact

  • By choosing the appropriate one from 5 different impact values, ensure that the importance of the incident is detected quickly.

  • The color of each impact value is different. The different colors of the impacts allow easy differentiation on the public status page and your incidents list.

Incident Name

  • Give a name to your incident. You can change the given name later at any time.

Incident Status

  • When creating a new incident, it will automatically open in "Investigating" status. Then change the incident status here and share your latest status.


  • Enter an appropriate message based on your Incident status. The information you provide here will be shared according to your notification preference.

Services Affected

  • The service information you have saved in the Services section of the left menu will automatically be displayed here.

  • Select the services affected for this incident record and then select one of the options on the left where you will indicate how much this service is affected.

Send Notifications Option

  • If you click this option, the record of this incident will be shared with your integrations and subscribers. If you do not want to publish in any communication channel, please do not click this option.

Please manage your "Integration” channels and “Subscribers” from the relevant sections on the left menu!

If this incident recording will be selected as internal, it will only be shared with your Integrations channels!

Make this incident internal option

  • If you check this option, the incident that will be created will not be published on your public status page.

  • If you create an internal incident, the lock in the lower right corner of the corresponding record in the incident list will be in the closed state.

To update your incident:

  1. Click the "Update" button to update your incident record.

Entry History

2. On the page that opens, you can view all the status update entries entered from the time the incident was created to the current time, under the heading "Entry History", according to the entry date order.

You can understand whether notification has been sent for past entries or whether they are internal/public by the bell and lock icons at the bottom right.

3. If you want to update the incident entries in the Entry History, click the pencil icon in the upper right. Click "Update" after making the changes you want.

You can edit the internal/public option for a past entry. Your selection is instantly updated on the public status page.

New Entry

4. Fill in the relevant sections under the New Entry title and click the "Add New Entry" button.

Additionally, if you click the internal option for your new entry, you can add an internal entry to a public incident as well just to inform your internal organization with a detailed update.

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