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Incidents happen. Right along the incidents, your engineering team jump into incident management mode. During these times, your users are tweeting and creating support tickets to your customer support team to get information about your system status. Engineering team needs to find the root cause of the problem and fix the issue fast. It is very important to communicate with your users when your services are having interruptions. You should be open to your customers and notify them as soon as possible.

What is StatusEntry?

StatusEntry is an application that will help you manage your status pages. With the rise of cloud-native approach and micro-services, applications become distributed and they are composed of many components/services. You can map your architecture components as service components in StatusEntry. Specifically if you have an application responsible for notifications, you can represent it as a separate component in StatusEntry. When there are interruptions with this app, you can create an incident and notify your users with status updates of affected services. In the next sections, we'll explain in details how to manage your components, incidents, users, integrations and users.
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