Welcome to StatusEntry

What is StatusEntry?

StatusEntry” is an IT company that specializes in incident communication, which is an important phase of the ITSM life cycle, and offers SaaS products, a cloud computing service model from start-ups to enterprise-scale technology companies.
With the rise of cloud-native approach and micro-services, applications become distributed and they are composed of many components/services. You can map your architecture components as service components in StatusEntry. Specifically if you have an application responsible for notifications, you can represent it as a separate component in StatusEntry. When there are interruptions with this app, you can create an incident and notify your users with status updates of affected services.

What is the problem we are solving?

It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 million end users or 100 corporate customers. Even if you use the best technologies for your own product or even if you have very good developers and very good design teams, sometimes your services may not work, sometimes you may experience problems that you could not foresee. In such times, companies have to manage this troubled process very well. While the think-tank develops to find and solve the problem, you also have to consider customer satisfaction while answering countless calls and tickets.
StatusEntry is with you to manage this difficult process magnificently. Thanks to our stylish and simple interface incident communication tool, we transparently and instantly inform your users about your latest situation. We provide effective communication by sharing your current status with both your in-house employees and your audience through both hosted status page and our various integrated channels. Thus; stopping the flood of requests, no more duplicate tickets and cumbersome email lists.

What is the job our customers are using our product for?

Maintaining incident service management with different components such as customized development teams, sensitive customer relationships and sophisticated internal communication networks may turn into a really difficult and cumbersome job for companies.
The productive and effective management of such a stressful and complex centralized service can only be achieved with a result-oriented tool that can offer ease of use and appeal to audiences from all walks of life.
With this awareness, companies that grow with StatusEntry can provide a great advantage against their competitors in their markets by both adding value and prestige to their brands and reducing the budget they allocate for incident management.
Incidents happen. Right along the incidents, your engineering team jump into incident management mode. During these times, your users are tweeting and creating support tickets to your customer support team to get information about your system status. Engineering team needs to find the root cause of the problem and fix the issue fast. It is very important to communicate with your users when your services are having interruptions. You should be open to your customers and notify them as soon as possible.

In the next sections, we'll explain in details how to manage your components, incidents, users, integrations and users.

Last modified 2yr ago