Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is the easiest way to inform your customers who use your product that you are unavailable for a certain period of time due to maintenance work. This way, your customers can prepare themselves to reduce or mitigate the impact on their end.

Moreover, it is also the most effective way to be monitored by the team members who will take part in the study and other units that need to be informed about the maintenance work process.

The maintenance feature, which is very simple to manage in terms of UX and UI, is very advantageous in gaining user habits thanks to its similar structure with incident workflow.

To create a new scheduled maintenance:

  1. Click Incidents from the left sidebar.

  2. Click the Maintenance tab.

  3. Click Create New Maintenance.

  4. Fill out required fields including the maintenance name & message, date/time/duration of the maintenance, services affected, notification options and lastly internal/external option.

  5. Click the Create Maintenance button now.

We are aware that you may not always have enough time to schedule maintenance work. For some urgent situations, it may be necessary to start maintenance work immediately. In such cases, you can create a normal incident with an impact value of maintenance under the heading "Incident".

However, if you want to record your work under the maintenance list, you can also schedule a maintenance with the current date and time under the heading "Maintenance".

If you do not make selection for a future date/time, your maintenance record will appear under the "Completed Maintenances" heading in your maintenance list.

In addition, it will automatically create an incident with "Maintenance" impact in "Identified" status. You can follow the maintenance process from this created incident and provide updates here.

Let’s remember some important points:

  • If you choose maintenance as public, you will send notifications both your subscribers* who have opted-in to receive notifications and your integrations*. However, your in-house employees will only be notified through the integration* communication channels you have configured if you choose internal.

  • Internal services are reminded of you with the lock icon within the services you choose. Please note that this service information is not shared in any way in the notifications sent to the audience outside the institution, including your public status page.

*You can find Subscriber and Integration communication channels on the left side bar.

To update a scheduled maintenance:

  1. If you want to make any changes to a scheduled maintenance, click the View button for the relevant record from the maintenance list.

  2. After making your changes on the maintenance detail page that opens, click the Update button below the page.

After creating a new maintenance, how will the process work?

  • In your maintenance list, you can also distinguish your future maintenance records from "Completed Maintenances" records by the green color on them.

  • Immediately after the maintenance schedule is set, if you tick off the option to send a notification depending on whether maintenance is internal or public, your notifications (reporting a new maintenance is scheduled) will be sent instantly through integrations and subscribers communication channels.

  • The above notification sending process also applies when you update in maintenance.

  • If your maintenance is public, you can view the maintenance details under “Future Maintenance” heading in your public status page as below.

Maintenance work begins:

  • In your maintenance list, the green color above your maintenance record will be removed and this record will now appear under the "Completed Maintenances" heading.

  • While you were scheduling maintenance, if you ticked off the option to send a notification depending on whether maintenance is internal or public, your notifications (reporting the start of the maintenance process) will be sent instantly through integrations and subscribers communication channels.

  • Your public maintenance record under the “Future Maintenance” heading is automatically moved to the incident list on the public status page.

  • An incident with "Maintenance impact" will be automatically created under the Incident list with "Identified status" so that you can monitor the maintenance work progress. In order to distinguish this incident record from other incident records in your incidents list, we have put the maintenance key icon at the bottom right as below.

Monitoring the process:

  • The incident record, which was created automatically due to scheduled maintenance, has four statuses that are the same as the normal incident statuses. Therefore, you can easily update the status of this incident record in order to monitor the maintenance work process.

  • The other actions you will take during the maintenance work process are the same as the incident workflow.

  • During the maintenance work; if you wish, you can also share the follow-up of the process only within the organization via each new internal entry of this incident record.

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